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I’ve known Samantha for many years, but, it wasn’t until recently that I required her unique skills. Within the first month she was able to start producing results. Her ability to learn and adapt for her clients is one of her greatest assets. I look forward to working with her going forward, and have no doubts that her unique skills can assist her clients in their endeavors.

- Tracy Yee, fairyologist

Sam has a fantastic, ambitious energy, and works meticulously, quickly, and autonomously!  It has been a real pleasure to have her assistance on projects ranging from social media to research and writing.

- Greg Wood, CEO,

I wanted to say that I am really thankful how responsive and hard working you are. I am also very thankful for how much you care about our success and our organization. You are truly an asset to us.

- Matt Cavanaugh, Real Estate Coach/Real Estate Agent Matt Cavanaugh Real Estate

“Her services are fast and reliable. Definitely recommend her!”

- Christian Cee, Entrepreneur

Samantha produces articles on par with any native English speaker, along with being able to actually write informative and interesting content. These two skills combined make her a valuable asset to any company looking to produce online content.

- Toby Gospodarczyk, Owner Stafflister

Samantha has been a great addition to our team! She always gives 110% to the task at hand and would highly recommend her. Samantha’s “will to win” is great when you see no end to a project. She has great knowledge on a wide range of topics pertaining to the online world.

- Shawn Huber, CEO Partner's Quest LLC

I’ve worked with Samantha on different occasions for different projects, and it’s always a pleasure working with her. She’s become less of an employee and more of a friend. I highly recommend working with her.

- Eddie Olavarria, CEO Store Mechanics LLC

Samantha was always an absolute joy to work with, rarely do we come across people so incredibly passionate about their work and dedicated to making continual improvements across all areas of the business.

- Anthony Johnson, Programme Manager Opportunity China

Samantha is the most badass VA anyone could ask for. She’s good at pretty much everything and if she doesn’t know how to do it, she’ll find a way. She’s a self starter and a smart worker.

- Thomas Typinski, Founder and CEO The Dominant Approach LLC

Samantha has a great work ethic and is always punctual for work. She is very intelligent and easily understands concepts and is excellent in the application to the process. Her bi-lingual skills are outstanding, speaking the English language clearly without much accent. She is very social and likeable with a candidness to be sympathetic without weakness.

I highly recommend Samantha to any position and would expect that she would attain the highest level of achievement at any level.

- James D. Vogan, Vice President

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